“Whoever asks Allah for Jannah three times, Jannah will say: “O Allah, enter him  into Jannah.”” [Tirmidhi




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Akhira and Duniya (The hereafter and this world)

I was just reading this khutbah and came across this place that I literally fell in love with; ”

But that’s not what this earthly life is all about! That’s what Allah promises us in akhira, not in dunya! We’re not there yet! We still have to earn the right to enter Allah’s garden!”

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How fortunate is the Believer, he endures hardship, and it is good for him [it teaches patience]; then he enjoys relief from hardship, and it is good for him [it gives a chance to be grateful to Allah]. Indeed, the true Friends of Allah are always overflowing with gratitude, in good times and in hard times…

This is what our world needs today. Our friends and neighbours out there, are in dire need of spiritual guidance. They need a gentle helping hand to show them how to cope with natural and manmade calamities, how to keep their own pain and personal grief in perspective. Brothers and Sisters, let us set a good example, let us inspire our communities with our serenity, our dignity and our strength that come out of true faith in Allah, and total reliance on His Mercy, His Rahma.



How I love rain…

How I love rain! Especially when your’re under your warm blanket at night, with your hot cocoa in your hands.

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Sayings I like

“Be content with what Allah has given you, and you will be among the richest of people.”

“Wrongdoing will be multiple darkness on the Day of Resurrection.”
“Fear the Fire, even if by giving half a date (in charity).”
“Fear the prayer of the oppressed.”

“Help and protection are from Allah, evil whispers are from Shaytaan.”
“The less your wealth, the less you will be called to account for.”
“Do not become angry, and you will be relieved.”
“Among the most beloved of deeds to Allah is the one that is continuous, even if it is little.”
“Among the most beloved of places are the mosques.”
“Among the most beloved of speech to Allah is that a person should say, ‘Subhaan Allah wa bi hamdih (Glory and praise be to Allah)’.”

“Among the most beloved of people to Allah is the one who is most helpful.”
“Among the most beloved deed to Allah is making a Muslim happy.”
“Among the most beloved of people to Allah are those who have the best attitudes.”
“Beware of this world, for it is sweet and tempting.”
“Control your tongue.”



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