My heart is with you


Even the very beginning of this video is heartbreaking. I can’t believe that I, for such a long time, have heard about Syria, said I felt bad, and then just seconds later forgot about it all. I didn’t even knew what was going on! I only knew that thousands of Muslims..Thousands..were dying there. And now, as I understand the conflict not good, but better, I wan’t to do something about it. Of course. But what? Write a little article on a page that almost no one is reading? Is that it? But what more can I do? I need help..

I didn’t even finish the entire video! When there came another video next to the “real video” (I guess it was a man who was about to get his head chopped…may Allah send him to Jannah if he was a muslim. Amin), I just couldn’t continue…I guess that only tells me what a coward I am. Really.

Don’t know what more to say. I feel like I have potential, like every girl, boy, man or woman out there. To do something. Not necessarily big, but just something. But I just won’t. I can’t. I don’t know..At least I know that my heart is with you, oh people of Syria. Inshallah. May Allah help and forgive every believing men and women. Amin.     



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