“When there is …

“When there is nothing to stop you from your Creator’s plans
On that day, when you taste what your soul have brought forth
For this day, and you stand in front of some gates
Not knowing what is behind it, whether destruction or successes
And it opens, and you see what you never could have imagined how Jannah would be like
Better, prettier, bigger and more beautiful than you ever thought!
You know that the Rabb is pleased with you, and so most definitely are you too”

inshaAllah, may Allah make us among those whom He tells “peace be upon you. I am pleased with you” on that day when no soul will be trangressed, nor will we be judged unjustfied. May Allah have mercy on us all, and pardon us all! May the Creator of the heavens and the earth admit us into gardens which rivers flow beneath on that day! May He be pleased with us, and so most definitely us too!

ameen, thumma ameen! ❤


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