Assalamu alaykum!

I just wanted to tell you about this website I found. About Islam. I found it very interesting, helping and motivating, such as quotes. If you wouldn’t mind, I would dearly recommend you to this site.

Please check it out, and Jazak’Allah Khair (may Allah reward you well)!



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Promise, heh

As I promised last week, I wanted to make a post about friendship with Allah. This I think, might would have been helpful for you readers, but also me as well. As I kinda am in a hurry now (I don’t have much time today) I just wanted to give you a link, that you hopefully would read and would benefit you both in this life and the next. If I can, I would love to write something from my own. Inshallah. I’m not sure if I can, though. So until then, please read this.

Just for your information; I can’t tell you for sure how trustfull this page is, but it seems really good and so please read it!

A little something made by me

Some say you don’t exist

Some think it might be a chance you do

But they do not know

I, thanks to you


I, thanks to you know reality like it really is

You’re the reason that so many people

Someday, somewhere will live in eternal bliss

If all the heavens and the earth

And everything in between

Would stand together as one

We would not even be able to stand in front of you

Because all that you are, and all that you can do

Is greater and mightier than we ever could be able to go through

Think about them

This was actually only meant as a little reminder to myself, as a wrote this, but I felt I should share it with you, and hopefully all of you who are reading this, will have something to ponder over. Inshallah. Please feel free to comment if they’re is anything you want to address. Jazak’Allah Khair.


I get angry, afraid and all upset. Why? Because of a little thing that really didn’t happened. My brother lost a ball, and it was rolling in the middle of the street, and so he ran, grabbed it, and ran back again to the sidewalk. All safely. So what did really upset me? The fact that a car was, probably 50 meters away from him? A distant long enough. But what if it wasn’t? What if it only was a matter of 10. Or even 5? What would have happened?

Alhamdulillah. It was not his time. Allah swt. saved me, him and many other people from a difficult hardship and a calamity like this. But think of it. And I believe that us people. We take events way to lightly in our lives. We hear about the awful stuff that is happening in countries and with people. In places we’ve never seen, and probably won’t, inshallah. Children are being used as defense in the war that is going on right now, in Syria. Thousands are dying. In a matter of weeks. We hear this stuff, “feel they’re pain” and then move on with our lives, like nothing really happened at all! Think of this a little bit please. Really. If this was you. Or rather a human being close and dear to you. Your parent, sister, brother or best friend. Wouldn’t you’re react be so much different of that which your react is right now? Today? Yes. Of course it would. My reaction was even greater when it came to the fact that my brother. My brother ran to the street and ran back again. All safely. Nothing really did happen. No physical injury or anything of that matter. So when your brothers and sisters in Islam are going through a hardship like this. They’re still your siblings. In deen. So please, start acting like they are your sisters and brothers. Do what you can to help them. Give them zakat, pray and make du’a for them, think of them, and inshallah, may Allah reward you well. Amin.

My heart is with you


Even the very beginning of this video is heartbreaking. I can’t believe that I, for such a long time, have heard about Syria, said I felt bad, and then just seconds later forgot about it all. I didn’t even knew what was going on! I only knew that thousands of Muslims..Thousands..were dying there. And now, as I understand the conflict not good, but better, I wan’t to do something about it. Of course. But what? Write a little article on a page that almost no one is reading? Is that it? But what more can I do? I need help..

I didn’t even finish the entire video! When there came another video next to the “real video” (I guess it was a man who was about to get his head chopped…may Allah send him to Jannah if he was a muslim. Amin), I just couldn’t continue…I guess that only tells me what a coward I am. Really.

Don’t know what more to say. I feel like I have potential, like every girl, boy, man or woman out there. To do something. Not necessarily big, but just something. But I just won’t. I can’t. I don’t know..At least I know that my heart is with you, oh people of Syria. Inshallah. May Allah help and forgive every believing men and women. Amin.